Media Arts, Society and Technology (MAST) Minor

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What will you explore?

  • How is meaning produced in film and interactive media?
  • How can and do film and interactive media shape stories about the meanings of scientific, technical and social progress?
  • How can and should we tell stories about today's global challenges?

What will you create?

  • Create film and interactive media to identify and tell stories about the meanings of scientific, technical and social progress

More about this minor:

The Media Arts, Society & Technology (MAST) minor encourages students to explore the ways in which the media arts are enabled and shaped by progress in science and technology while also being uniquely situated to promote engagement with and critical reflection about the meanings of scientific, technical and social progress.

Throughout the MAST minor, students are provided with the opportunity to develop and refine their expertise in the creative, visual, communicative and performing arts, such as film, video, still photography, sound design, stage and lighting design, computer graphics and interactive entertainment.

Through hands-on projects and explorations of media history and theory, students completing the MAST minor will develop and apply knowledge and skills in conceptual and critical thinking, media literacy, teamwork, leadership, interdisciplinary collaboration and project management, and will be prepared to function as both cultural commentators and creators positioned to address and respond to the profound challenges and choices we face in the 21st century.

Learn more about the MAST course requirements on the Cal Poly Catalog.

For MAST course requirements for catalogs prior to the 22-23 AY please look here.


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