Science and Risk Communication (SRC) Minor

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  • Once your application has been processed by the ISLA Department, you will be added to the STS minor email distribution list and will begin receiving STS minor news.  Please allow for up to three business days for this process.
  • It may take up to one month for the minor to display in your DPR.  Please reach out to the department here if it has been over six weeks and has not appeared on your profile.   

What will you explore?

  • How should we define, assess and communicate about risk?
  • How and why do controversies about science, technology and risk develop?
  • What are the best ways to communicate about science, technology and risk?

What will you create?

  • Create new ways to communicate to improve understanding and engagement with the profound challenges and choices we face related to science, technology and risk in the 21st century.

More about this minor:

The Science and Risk Communication (SRC) minor enables students to investigate how individuals and societies create, disseminate, maintain and challenge perceptions of science, technology and risk in multiple contexts. Such contexts might include doctor-patient interactions, public understanding of and engagement with global climate change or technology development, and scientific testimony in public policy hearings.

Through hands-on projects, SRC students will develop and practice specific skills for communicating about science, technology and risk to various audiences across multiple media formats. A broad range of elective courses allows students to customize the SRC minor to their particular interests, enabling them to pursue knowledge in a focused subject area or further refine communication production skills.

Students completing the SRC minor will be prepared to understand, engage with, respond to and communicate about the profound challenges and choices we face related to science, technology and risk in the 21st century.

Learn more about the SRC course requirements on the Cal Poly Catalog.


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