Faculty & Staff

name / department OFFICE PHONE E-MAIL

STS Minors Program Director

Elizabeth Lowham

Political Science Department-Chair


Bldg. 47, Rm. 14A 805-756-2919

STS Minors Program Executive Committee 

Richard Besel

Communication Studies Department

Bldg.47, Rm.
Coleen Carrigan
Social Sciences Department 

Bldg. 47,
Rm. 12D



Matthew Harsh

Social Sciences Department

Bldg 47, Rm. 36G 805-756-1235
Lauren Kolodziejski
Communication Studies Department
Bldg. 47, Rm. 36Q 805-756-2535

Martine Lappe'

Social Science Department

Bldg. 47, Rm 36 805-756-1761

Jane Lehr

Ethnic Studies Department, and Women's & Gender Studies Department 

Bldg. 47, RM 25F 805-756-6442

Chelsea Milbourne

English Department

Bldg. 47, Rm. 35M 805-756-2294
Kathleen S. Murphy
History Department
Bldg. 47, Rm. 27G 805-756-2739
Dawn Neill
Social Sciences Department
Bldg. 47, 
Rm. 12E
Jim Werner
Art & Design Department and Media Arts, Society & Technology Minor
Bldg. 34, Rm. 124 805-756-1561

Program Faculty


Randi Barros
Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts
Bldg. 26M, Rm. 101 805-756-5043
Brian Beaton
History Department and Science, Technology and Society Minors
Bldg. 47, Rm. 25M 805-756-2672

Muara Johnston

Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts

Bldg.26M, Rm. 101 805-756-5043 
Preston Moon
Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts
Bldg. 52, Rm.TBD 805-756-2579

James Scarborough

Communication Studies Department and Science, Technology and Society Minors

Bldg. 34, Rm. 236 805-756-7039


Nicole Rivera

Administrative Support Coordinator

Bldg. 47, Rm. 14 805-756-2740



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